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Pandemic Influenza Guidance For Homecare Providers (April,2009)

Pandemic Influenza Guidance For Homecare Providers (April,2009)

Published: April, 2009
The United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd
Pages: 21

Contingency planning is a necessity for all businesses, and domiciliary care agencies are no exception. In the last two years, UKHCA has been directly involved in the Department of Health’s planning for the future possibility of pandemic ‘flu (a worldwide outbreak of influenza that can be passed from one human to another).

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (March 2009, Volume 33, Issue 1)

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (March 2009, Volume 33, Issue 1

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT) is the official quarterly publication of the Neurology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. JNPT publishes research articles, critical reviews, case reports, and special interest papers that contribute to the development of theory, evidence and the effective use of physical therapy for individuals with neurologic conditions. Included are articles related to, but not limited to examination, evaluation, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes that span the continuum from pathophysiology to ability

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Acute pain management: scientific evidence

Acute pain management: scientific evidence

This publication summarises the evidence currently available to assist health professionals in the management of acute pain. The field of acute pain medicine is a rapidly changing one.
Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence1 was first published by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia in 1999. An editorial2 published the same year in the British Journal of Anaesthesia assessed the importance of this document along with Guidelines on the Use of NSAIDs in the Perioperative Period.3 It was noted that ‘there is still a need for properly conducted controlled clinical studies evaluating most areas of therapy in acute pain’ and that ‘guidelines can only remain valid for a relatively short period’ as the field of pain management is a rapidly evolving one.

Book details:
Author:Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
Publisher:Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

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Crystallography Made Crystal Clear, Third Edition

Product Details
Book Publisher: Academic Press (16 February, 2006)
ISBN: 0125870736
Book author: Gale Rhodes
Amazon Rating: 4.5
Book Description

Crystallography Made Crystal Clear makes crystallography accessible to readers who have no prior knowledge of the field or its mathematical basis. This is the most comprehensive and concise reference for beginning Macromolecular crystallographers, written by a leading expert in the field. Rhodes’ uses visual and geometric models to help readers understand the mathematics that form the basis of x-ray crystallography. He has invested a great deal of time and effort on World Wide Web tools for users of models, including beginning-level tutorials in molecular modeling on personal computers. Rhodes’ personal CMCC Home Page also provides access to tools and links to resources discussed in the text. Most significantly, the final chapter introduces the reader to macromolecular modeling on personal computers-featuring SwissPdbViewer, a free, powerful modeling program now available for PC, Power Macintosh, and Unix computers. This updated and expanded new edition uses attractive four-color art, web tool access for further study, and concise language to explain the basis of X-ray crystallography, increasingly vital in today’s research labs.
* Helps readers to understand where models come from, so they don’t use them blindly and
* Provides many visual and geometric models for understanding a largely mathematical method
* Allows readers to judge whether recently published models are of sufficiently high quality and detail to be useful in their own work
* Allows readers to study macromolecular structure independently and in an open-ended fashion on their own computers, without being limited to textbook or journals illustrations
* Provides access to web tools in a format that will not go out of date. Links will be updated and added as existing resources change location or are added

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Tutorials in Biostatistics, Statistical Methods in Clinical Studies

Product Details
Book Publisher: Wiley (17 December, 2004)
ISBN: 0470023651
Book author: Ralph D’Agostino

Book Description:

The Tutorials in Biostatistics have become a very popular feature of the prestigious Wiley journal, Statistics in Medicine (SIM). The introductory style and practical focus make them accessible to a wide audience including medical practitioners with limited statistical knowledge. This book represents the first of two volumes presenting the best tutorials published in SIM, focusing on statistical methods in clinical studies. Topics include the design and analysis of clinical trials, epidemiology, survival analysis, and data monitoring. Each tutorial is focused on a medical problem, has been fully peer-reviewed and edited, and is authored by leading researchers in biostatistics. Many articles include an appendix on the latest developments since publication in the journal and additional references.

This will appeal to statisticians working in medical research, as well as statistically-minded clinicians, biologists, epidemiologists and geneticists. It will also appeal to graduate students of biostatistics

Muscular Dystrophy: theFacts

Product Details
Book Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (15 June, 2000)
ISBN: 0192632175
Book author: Alan Emery
Amazon Rating: 3.5

Book Description

The muscular dystrophies are a group of genetic diseases that severely affect children and adults. For sufferers and their family, the illness presents enormous physical and psychological challenges. Written specifically for people with muscular dystrophy and their families, this new edition of Muscular dystrophy: the facts answers many of the questions asked about how and why it occurs, and how it will affect the life of a recently diagnosed child. Throughout, the different types of muscular dystrophy are described with a minimum of technical jargon. Questions relating to exercise, physiotherapy, surgery, and the emotional effects of the diseases are answered, and advice given on the problems of schooling and choice of career. Since publication of the 1st edition, the genes for almost all the different types of dystrophy have been identified, enabling prevention through genetic counselling, and relieving some of the worry for affected families. Drawn from his many years of experience treating patients, Professor Emery provides authoritative, yet compassionate advice for people living with this illness. From reviews of 1st edition ‘A family visiting a genetic counsellor readied with information from this book would be well versed in the scope of concerns that can arise as families live with MD. I applaud the effort to make this care package of information available to families.’ The American Journal of Human Genetics

The Metabolic Syndrome

Publisher: Wiley

Number Of Pages: 432

Publication Date: 2005-10-28

Sales Rank: 1167122

ISBN / ASIN: 0470025115

EAN: 9780470025116

Binding: Hardcover

Book Description: Highly Commended Certificate of the 2006 BMA Medical Book Competition
The metabolic syndrome is a highly prevalent condition that affects a considerate number of *****s and has become increasingly relevant to many disciplines in clinical medicine. This title examines the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome and its relationship with diabetes and coronary heart disease (CHD), and reviews different treatment options. It covers all aspects of the metabolic syndrome and its constituent diseases.

The editors of this key title, Christopher D. Byrne, a diabetologist and clinician scientist, and Sarah H. Wild, an epidemiologist and public health physician, have brought together a group of authors, all of who are leading researchers in their field.

The editors and chapter authors of this outstanding reference work have each contributed to chapters addressing ‘hot topics’ relevant to the metabolic syndrome. The state-of-the-art chapters range from aetiology to pathogenesis, complications and treatment, addressing subjects such as the developmental origins of the metabolic syndrome, oxidation, inflammation and exciting new areas such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and adipocytokines.

The Metabolic Syndrome is an invaluable resource for all clinical researchers and physicians requiring detailed up-to-date information on the metabolic syndrome. It is helpful to further their own research or to treat and manage the syndrome and its complications. The book is also of interest for all health care professionals.
From the reviews:

“… an excellent collection of updated reviews… provides a valuable background for understanding many aspects of this fascinating cluster of


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