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Anatomy and Physiology II Video Lessons 1-13

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Anatomy and Physiology II Video Lessons 1-13

Rosemary Davenport 7 DVD Set

Publisher: Gulf Coast Community College 2009
This is a set of Video lectures made by Gulf Coast Community College. They were made for distance education students (students who watch the lessons at home and only go in for labs and tests). Though it is a community college, Gulf Coast is one of the highest rated institutes in America and is attended by many people from all over the world.
also online available lessonwise

Disc 1
Lesson 1- Lymphatic System, Fluid Balance, Electrolytes, Acid-Base Balance
Lesson 2- Nervous System, Histology
Disc 2
Lesson 3- Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, Cerebrospinal Fluid
Lesson 4- Brain, Cranial Nerves
Disc 3
Lesson 5- Autonomic Nervous System, Special Senses
Lesson 6- Special Senses (Cont.)
Disc 4
Lesson 7- Digestive System
Lesson 8- Digestive System (Cont.)
Disc 5
Lesson 9- Urinary System
Lesson 10- Endocrine System
Disc 6
Lesson 11- Endocrine System (Cont.)
Lesson 12- Male Reproductive System
Disc 7
Lesson 13- Female Reproductive System

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  1. Links
    2009.08.20 15:24

    DVD 1 Size: 4 GB – 39 x 95,7 mb + 1x 59,1 mb Password for unrar -> medstu its an iso-image from the original DVD with a Movie-Menue – use virtual drive or burn image on DVD Vob format – HQ videos

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    2009.12.31 11:13

    is there any password?

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  4. Links
    2010.01.03 08:15

    Password for unrar

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    most community college offers a good educational standard at par with the ivy league schools,;-

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